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Latest Loads: 7 mm-08 Rem.

Latest Loads: 7 mm-08 Rem.

Want a cartridge capable of downing all non-dangerous species worldwide, without punishing recoil? This 7 mm-08 Rem. recipe is it. Using Alliant Powder’s new Reloder 16, which is temperature-insensitive—for optimal accuracy across temperature variances—and contains a proprietary, de-coppering additive, a 44.5-gr. charge propels Sierra’s 0.284", 150-gr. spitzer boattail (SBT) GameKing to 2655 f.p.s. from a short, 22" barrel. Thanks to its heavy, double-tapered jacket, the aforementioned projectile can be used for elk-size game, though its forte is anchoring deer-size game at long range. Aiding its external ballistics is a 0.436 ballistic coefficient (BC). When zeroed at 200 yds., the bullet will impact 9", 26" and 52.7" low at 300, 400 and 500 yds., respectively—easy to compensate for with come-ups. The load’s affordability rounds out the package; you’ll be able to shoot extensively at low cost.

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