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SHOT Show 2018: Archon Type B 9 mm Pistol

SHOT Show 2018: Archon Type B 9 mm Pistol

On the outside, the Archon Firearms Type B striker fired 9 mm pistol (formerly known as the Arsenal Firearms Stryk B) looks a good deal like other duty-size, polymer-framed semi-autos. However, the internal configuraction is quite different from much copied Glock design. Developed in Italy and manufactured in the European Union, the Type B's barrel is supported by a removable U-shaped cradle that's pinned to the frame to minimizes barrel movement under recoil and allows for an exceptionally low bore axis. With the slide removed and a loaded magazine inserted in the grip, the top round is almost in line with the chamber. This eliminates most of the up-and-over travel of the nose of a fresh cartridge as it's pressed into battery. The goal is to increase feed reliability while keeping the recoil spring weight down. An extended ejector also works to guide rounds from the magazine into the chamber. 

I had an opportunity to shoot this pistol a bit during the 2018 Industry Day at the Range during SHOT Show and found it to have a good trigger, useful sights and a nice balance. But like any pistol that's striving to stand out from the crowd, I'm going to need more time with it on the range to provide a more definitive assessment. This pistol is currently in production overseas now with shipping dates in the United States projected for some time around April 2018. Specifications and suggested retail pricing have yet to be announced. For more, visit ArchonFirearms.com.

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