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The Armed Citizen® November 23, 2018

The Armed Citizen® November 23, 2018

Repeated burglaries shouldn’t be a problem any more for an octogenarian in Mobile, Ala. After enduring multiple violations of his security, the man decided to fight back during the latest robbery. When he arrived home one day, he saw two men exiting his abode with stolen property in their hands. The homeowner fired a shot and told them to stop, but the thieves ignored him, jumping into their vehicle and driving at the elderly man. As the car approached, the armed citizen noticed that one of the crooks was leaning out of the window with some sort of weapon in his hand. At that, the older man fired again, striking that perpetrator. The culprits drove off and waved down deputies a few miles away, feeding them a line about how the one was injured. The law enforcement officials investigated and connected the incident to the burglary. The injured man and his accomplice both are in custody. The armed citizen was not charged. (al.com, Mobile, Ala., 9/19/18)

The Armed Citizen Extra
A drowsy pair of burglars were caught and stopped in Happy Valley, Ore. Their intended target, a homeowner who had been victimized multiple times in the past, had recently installed security cameras in her home, and caught one burglar attempting to leave with stolen items. When police arrived, they found the homeowner holding the burglar at gunpoint, while his accomplice, a supposed "lookout," was found asleep in a vehicle a block away. Both perpetrators were booked into the Clackamas County Jail. (Fox News, Portland, Ore., 10/26/2018)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
November 1972

Rev. John D. B. Williams had gotten up at 3 a.m. to tend his baby when he heard strange noises coming from his Riverton, R.I., church next door. Two men on the church roof were sawing off the brass weathervane. Rev. Williams called the police, then held the men at gunpoint. (Yankee Magazine, Dublin, N.H.)

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