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The Armed Citizen® November 12, 2018

The Armed Citizen® November 12, 2018

The Armed Citizen Extra
A man evened the odds a bit while pumping gas in West Palm Beach. After being approached by three men, who attempted to rob him, the driver drew and fired his legally concealed weapon, hitting one of the assailants. Though all three attackers fled the gas station, the injured one was later taken into custody, where he is expected to survive his injuries. (Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach, Fla., 09/16/2018)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
November 1965
Howard R. Shisim, who lives behind his Battle Creek, Mich., grocery store was awakened in the early morning hours by noises coming from the store. Grabbing a pistol, he went to investigate. Encountering 2 men, Chisim ordered them back into the store, made them deposit their loot on the counter, and then marched them into the walk-in cooler to await the arrival of the police. (Battle Creek Enquirer and News)

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