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The Armed Citizen® January 29, 2018

The Armed Citizen® January 29, 2018

Four would-be kidnappers’ plans were thwarted when a father fired three rounds to scare off the troublemakers before they snatched his daughter. The father was alerted by dogs barking and motion-detector lights going on. He noticed a gang of males lurking near the garage, trying to get inside the home. As the bullets flew, the suspects fled. When they were arrested later, the police found guns, knives, gloves, dark clothes and a roll of tape in the vehicle. Apparently, the man’s 17-year-old daughter was the kidnappers’ target. (kiro7.com, Palm Beach, FL, 11/1/17) 

The Armed Citizen® Extra
Two customers are being praised for their quick reaction when a pipe-wielding attacker showed up at a car dealership, made death threats, smashed cars and cornered an employee. The two customers, who were legally armed citizens, were able to hold the criminal at gunpoint until police arrived. Even after police arrived, the criminal still continued to put up a fight and got into a scuffle with one of the deputies. He is now facing five felony charges. (The Post and Courier, Charleston, SC, 1/14/18) 

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
January 1965
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lindsay returned to their home in Spokane, Wash., to find that the glass in their back door had been broken. Mr. Lindsay rushed into the house and saw a man going out of the front door. Mr. Lindsay got a gun, ran out the front door, and held the man at gunpoint until police arrived. It was discovered that the house had been ransacked—and the man was an escapee from a mental hospital. (Spokesman Review, Spokane, WA)

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