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The Armed Citizen® September 22, 2017

The Armed Citizen® September 22, 2017

In Killeen, Texas, a man was confronted and attacked by a female assailant over a parking dispute. As the man attempted to diffuse the situation, she escalated it with a gun. The man was forced to defend himself and drew his concealed firearm. He wounded her during the altercation, and she was later taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. Police determined the incident to be a case of self-defense, and the man was released without charges. (KCEN-TV, Killeen, TX, 7/24/17)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
A couple, guests at a hotel, observed a man follow them onto a hotel elevator on their way to their room, and saw him walk in the opposite direction upon exiting. A short while later, the couple opened their door to find the man attempting to stab them with a fork. The male victim engaged in a physical confrontation inside the hotel room with the assailant and was able to knock him down. A legal carry permit holder, the man then retrieved his handgun and shot the intruder. The attacker attempted to run away, but the victim was able to hold him at gunpoint until police arrived. The attacker was taken to a hospital and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The male victim was not charged since he acted in self-defense. (Tennessean, Nashville, TN, 7/31/17)   

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
September 1973
After gaining entrance to R.H. Olds’ Marietta, Ga., home, a knife-wielding intruder tied up the owner and his family. When the man went outside, Olds managed to work himself free, get a pistol and shoot the assailant when he returned. When police arrived they found in the assailant’s car plans to rob five other families and a shotgun rigged to be fired by remote control. (The Daily Sun, Warner Robins, GA)

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