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America Remembers Land of Liberty Tribute Revolver

America Remembers Land of Liberty Tribute Revolver

America Remembers has announced "The Land of Liberty Tribute Revolver," an elegant hand-engraved Smith & Wesson Model 627 Pro Series revolver in .357 Mag. This 4” barreled beauty was selected as the perfect choice to capture the strength and resilience of American Freedom, and the determination of American citizens to retain the freedoms the have enjoyed for more than 200 years.

Each Pro Series Model 627 features chamfered charge holes for quick loading, a precision crown muzzle and a bossed mainspring. Each revolver features a smooth double action with single-action pull, and includes an interchangeable front sight and an adjustable rear sight. 

The limited production revolver is custom-engineered for competitive shooting and fires eight shots rather than the usual six–30 percent more firepower than a six-shot revolver. Each of these museum-quality masterpieces will be hand-engraved.

Complementing the overall design are the 24-karat gold-plated hammer, trigger, side plate screws, extractor rod, cylinder release and cylinder release screw, along with the handsome, finger-grooved walnut grips.

The right side of the frame features the hand-chiseled word “Liberty.” An inlaid medallion features the American flag and Lady Liberty from the Statue of Liberty. A banner framing the artwork reads “America, Land of Liberty.”

The Tribute is hand-engraved with an ornate American-style scrollwork with a classic diamond patterned background on the frame and barrel. Laser-engraved on the cylinder are the words, “USA, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave,” with each letter laser-engraved crisply into the stainless steel.

America Remembers will arrange delivery of your working Land of Liberty Tribute Revolver through the licensed firearms dealer of your choice. To learn more, please visit americaremembers.com.



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