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The Armed Citizen® August 28, 2017

The Armed Citizen® August 28, 2017

Don’t get between a mother and her child—the mother’s love will win out almost every time. That’s one of the takeaways a burglar in Indianapolis learned. A 19-year-old male was forcing his way into an apartment. The adult female resident, who has several children, responded with lethal gunfire, and the suspect died in the doorway of her home. Witnesses not only defended the woman’s right to shoot, but also provided information about two alleged accomplices in the burglary. “It is disheartening that we see burglaries resulting in death, but we live in Indiana and it’s legal for people to have guns to protect themselves,” said Indianapolis Metro Police Department officer Aaron Hamer. The mother and children were not hurt. (fox59.com, Indianapolis, IN, 6/7/17)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
Late one night a family was asleep in their home when the male homeowner was awakened by a noise on the porch. When he went to investigate, he found an intruder breaking into the home. The homeowner and trespasser had a physical confrontation, which ended with the homeowner shooting and killing the criminal. The other occupants of the home slept through the incident. (The News Tribune, Browns Point, WA, 4/16/17)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
August 1984
When a barking dog awakened him, Gardena, Calif., resident Gary Kindle grabbed a gun and investigated. Finding a man crawling on the floor toward his children’s bedroom, Kindle ordered him out. When the intruder ignored the command and moved toward the bedroom, Kindle fired twice, fatally wounding him. (The Herald Examiner, Los Angeles, CA)

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