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Latest Loads: 9 mm Luger

Latest Loads: 9 mm Luger

Though firearm-mounted sound suppressors significantly reduce the ear-damaging noise of supersonic ammunition, maximum benefit from their use is achieved through the use of subsonic loads; in fact, when the latter are paired with a suppressor, the report of the firearm is reminiscent of a pneumatic nail gun. Beyond protecting one’s hearing, the combination is also beneficial for maintaining positive relationships with neighbors. Subsonic loads are typically assembled using a heavy-for-caliber bullet atop of a small propellant charge. The recipe below follows suit. Using 3.3 grs. of IMR’s new Target propellant, Hornady’s boattail-base, 147-gr. HP eXtreme Terminal Performance (XTP) bullet achieved 846 f.p.s. from the 3½" barrel of a SIG P250. Because of the modest velocity, even when not suppressed, the bullet forgoes the sonic boom, thereby reducing noise—and it’s superbly accurate to boot.

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