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The Armed Citizen® October 20, 2017

The Armed Citizen® October 20, 2017

Getting shot didn’t initially stop a South Carolina man from making more trouble, but it eventually did. The agitator’s spree started in Lexington, S.C., when he threatened people with a pressure washer. One of the would-be victims was having none of that, so he responded by shooting the mischief-maker in the chest. The rabble-rouser fled after being wounded, intent on making a getaway before the people he had allegedly threatened called the police. As the bad guy staggered down the street, passersby in a pickup truck stopped to see if he needed help. The assailant showed his gratitude by reportedly punching a female passenger in the face and dragging her out of the truck. He then shoved out the driver and made his escape. Moments later he crashed the truck. The suspect was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. He faces charges related to multiple assaults and vehicular theft. The armed citizen was found to have acted in self-defense. (The Associated Press, Charleston, SC, 8/14/17)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
Two men broke into a house in northern California late one Wednesday night in an attempt to rob the place. Unfortunately for them, one of the residents shot both intruders, killing them. The police said that at least one of the robbers had a gun, presenting a threat. The homeowner has not been charged. (The Mercury News, Brentwood, CA, 6/27/17)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
October 1959
Dominick Litz, watchman for a Miami, Fla., sausage company, investigated with drawn pistol when he heard a noise in the plant. Litz surprised a burglar descending a stairway and fired one shot when the intruder kept coming. Police described the dead man as a felon with a three-page criminal record. (The Miami News, Miami, FL)

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