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Latest Loads: Muddying The Waters

Latest Loads: Muddying The Waters

Within the hunting community, few topics are as hotly debated as is use of .22-cal., center-fire rifles for hunting deer. Regardless of opinions, the reality is that, each and every hunting season, countless head of big game fall to the petite projectiles where allowed, and likely there’s some unaccounted for, too. That’s no different than larger calibers. A robust, controlled-expansion, high-weight-retention projectile will help maximize the effectiveness of .22-cal. center-fires on deer-size game. Nosler’s 64-gr. Bonded Solid Base PPT fits the bill perfectly. Featuring Solid Base construction and a tapered jacket that’s bonded to the lead-alloy core to prevent jacket/core separation, the protected-point projectile offers high-retained weight for deep penetration. If you exercise due diligence—refraining from questionable shots and accurately placing the bullet—this recipe will help you notch a deer tag.

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