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Tonight on American Rifleman TV: 200 Years of Remington, Part 2; Taurus Judge

This week on American Rifleman Television we continue our look at 200 years of America's oldest gunmaker–Remington. The company likely has produced more sporting arms than any other manufacturer in the United States. And most of those have been in the past 100 years. But Remington has also stepped up in times of war, and has been a bedrock company in the arsenal of democracy in two world wars. Can you believe it has been 10 years since Taurus introduced the .410/.45 Colt Judge revolver? In this week's “Rifleman Review” we look at the current production version of this innovative wheelgun. Think Glock pioneered the polymer-framed semi-automatic pistol? Well, you are wrong. The first polymer framed pistol in 9 mm was really the Heckler & Koch VP70z, and we cover it this week in “I Have This Old Gun.” Watch a video preview here.

Check out past segments of American Rifleman TV at americanrifleman.org/artv, and tune into Outdoor Channel Wednesday nights for all new episodes.

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