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The Armed Citizen® July 24, 2015

The Armed Citizen® July 24, 2015

A passer-by with a gun stopped four people from assaulting a man in Fargo, N.D. The assailants partnered up to lure the man behind a building, where they allegedly knocked him unconscious and stole his wallet. During the assault, a pedestrian with a concealed carry gun happened upon the scene, and the suspects took off. Police have arrested and charged the troublemakers, one of whom apparently knew the victim. (The Forum, Fargo, ND, 12/30/14)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
December 1982
Awakened by a crashing sound, Eula Luffman discovered a man had shattered a door of her Danville, Va., home and was stalking through the house. She retrieved a handgun from the bedroom and confronted the man in the living room. Luffman, 69, warned him to stop, but he continued to approach, and when he reached out for her, she shot him. Police linked the dead man to the rapes of several elderly women in the area. (The Register, Danville, VA)

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