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Video: Thompson/Center Dimension Review

Several years ago, Thompson/Center branched out from its roots by producing bolt-action, center-fire repeaters—the Icon, Warlord and Venture. In 2012 the company released another bolt-action repeater—the Dimension, a nod to those very same roots. But unlike those rifles, which share design elements, the Dimension was new from the ground up. Think of it as the “Contender” of bolt-action rifles.

The T/C Dimension is more of a system than a rifle. Using what the company calls its Locking Optimized Components, users can switch not only barrels but just about everything else on the gun. When it was released, it was offered in 10 different chamberings, with every caliber working with the same receiver and stock. So unique, the Dimension  The rifle was awarded the American Hunter 2013 Golden Bullseye for Rifle of the Year. 

Learn more in this American Rifleman TV video segment above.

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