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The Armed Citizen® May 22, 2015

The Armed Citizen® May 22, 2015

A man who brought a 13-inch serrated hunting knife to the supermarket learned that picking an argument with a stranger can be a bad idea. Police reported that the knife-wielder confronted an older man for “looking at [him] for no reason,” and threatened to “cut” him. The man asked the aggressor several times to drop the knife, but he refused and charged at the older man, who has a valid permit to carry a firearm. The older man defended himself with his 9 mm Glock, sending the assailant to the hospital with a groin injury. (Philly Confidential Daily News, Philadelphia, PA, 10/29/14) 

The Armed Citizen® Extra
An armed homeowner in Columbia, Mo. ended the crime spree of a 31-year-old man and his 17-year-old accomplice—his girlfriend’s son—when they attempted to burglarize his house in the early morning hours. The resident fired one shot, which struck the teenaged robber, causing both intruders to flee. Police were dispatched to the hospital when the pair then traveled there for treatment and could not provide a credible account of how the wound had occurred. Further investigation linked the pair to a string of commercial robberies during the previous weeks. The younger suspect has since turned 18, and will face charges for crimes he allegedly committed while still a juvenile. (The Columbia Tribune, Columbia, MO, 2/21/15)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
May 1984
A Houston businesswoman was changing a flat tire when two men pulled over to assist. But, instead of offering help, they forced her into their car at gunpoint, blindfolded her and took her to an apartment. The men were not aware their victim had hidden a pistol inside her belt before starting to change the tire. When they removed the blindfold, the woman drew the pistol and fired two shots, hitting neither man but sending both running. One was later arrested and the police were searching for the other. (The Houston Post, Houston, TX)

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