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Don’t Miss “The Guns of the Falklands War”

Don’t Miss “The Guns of the Falklands War”

More than three decades ago, a brief but brutal war swept across the South Atlantic that pitted the armed forces of Argentina against Great Britain. For 74 days, the world watched a conventional conflict unfold in the missile age—one in which ground combat forces struggled against one another with a surprising variety of undefinedfirearms. Although FN's FAL rifle and MAG-58 machine gun did much of the fighting on both sides, guns like the BM-59, the M16, and the Bren were there too. Author and historian Martin K.A. Morgan has spent time in the Falklands Islands and will present a discussion of the guns that made the 1982 war fought there deadly yet memorable. This is the final of four free Special Presentations from American Rifleman at the NRA Annual Meetings this year.

Special Presentation: Guns of the Falklands War
Date: April 12
Time: 11 a.m.
Location: Room 202
Speaker: Martin K.A. Morgan




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