This Old Gun: Argentine FM FAP

In this American Rifleman TV segment of "I Have This Old Gun," we take a look at the history and development of the Argentinian FM FAP handgun chambered in 9 mm, a licensed copy of the FN Hi-Power.

Video—I Have This Old Gun: Beretta BM-59E Rifle

The Beretta BM-59E was a very different take on a familiar rifle. Take a look at its history and design in this "I Have This Old Gun" segment from a recent episode of American Rifleman TV.

The Rosario “Grease Guns”: Argentina’s P.A.M-1 and P.A.M.-2 SMGs

When Argentina began adopting metallic cartridge firearms for its military, it duplicated some of the world's best designs, including the iconic Grease Gun.

When Argentina Had To Choose a New Service Rifle

The Republic of Argentina has a large and diversified military-industrial complex, which includes a remarkable history of gun-making.

Don’t Miss “The Guns of the Falklands War”

More than three decades ago, a brief but brutal war swept across the South Atlantic that pitted the armed forces of Argentina against Great Britain.

Investigation of a Legend: The Graf Spee and the Ballester-Molina

The Argentine-made Ballester-Molina pistol, which borrows from both the M1911 and the Star Model B, has an intriguing possible tie to the Graf Spee and Britain’s clandestine MI6. Was a Nazi pocket battleship’s armor really used to make guns for the British during World War II?


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