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Viking Tactics Double-Sided Tactical Target

Viking Tactics Double-Sided Tactical Target

The VTAC DSTT, designed by expert trainer Kyle Lamb and his Viking Tactics team, addresses the need for a realistic target that also allows for easy scoring, zeroing and repeated training drills. One side features four 25-yd. pistol bulls, Lamb’s preferred zeroing target, for drills and sight-in, as well as a subdued 1" grid pattern to aid zeroing  adjustments and measuring group sizes. A gray cross was added to each bull, dividing the VTAC DSTT Targettargets into four quadrants, to further enhance training. Numbered shape targets in the margins help with target acquisition by giving the shooter an opportunity to engage whatever number target the trainer calls out.

The reverse side of the target features a USPSA-type competition target imposed over a realistic outline and skeletal/vital rendition of a human. The USPSA target has good scoring rings, and the realistic human outline allows shooters to see where they are shooting in relation to vital areas and skeletal structure. The VTAC DSTT is available in paper and cardboard versions. Price: cardboard, $2 ea.; paper, $10 for 10; larger packs are available.

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