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Reduced-Recoil, Subsonic 12-ga. Target Loads

Reduced-Recoil, Subsonic 12-ga. Target Loads

For small-game hunting or target-shooting locations and situations calling for reduced noise or recoil, Federal Premium Ammunition offers the Low Recoil-Subsonic Top Gun Target Load. It would be particularly useful when paired Metro Gun Systems’ extended, noise-reduction barrels or MG .724 Orion suppressors. The 12-ga., 2¾”, 1 5/8-dram-eq. load propels 1 1/8 ozs. of No. 7½ lead-alloy shot to 900 f.p.s. Additionally, the load features clean-burning propellant, Triple Plus wad column, a plated head, and a ribbed hull finished with an eight-segment crimp. MidwayUSA sells 25-count boxes for $8.59.

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