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Mounting Bipods

Mounting Bipods

Bipods, such as the excellent and time-tested Harris models, are a terrific aid to accuracy when the shots get long. And mounting them securely is important since, to get the greatest benefit from them, they should be “loaded” with a portion of the shooter’s weight by pushing forward against the resistance of their feet on the ground. Given that, bipods should attach either to a QD stud or to a section of Picatinny rail. If a particular bipod is set up to mount with one option, it can be converted to mount with the other by using any number of adapters on the market. You can go QD stud to Picatinny and vice versa, and, in the process, you can usually find an adapter that allows the bipod to be quickly detached. That way you can carry it in a pocket and attach it when the circumstances call for such a support. What’s your experience using bipods? Have you figured out how to attach them to unusual guns?

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