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Sentry Solutions

Sentry Solutions


An alternative to oil- or silicone-based protectants, Sentry Solutions’ Tuf-Glide lubricates and protects firearms without leaving behind greasy residue.

Proprietary active ingredients are carried in a solution of mineral spirits—a mild petroleum distillate commonly used as paint thinner. The mineral spirits act as a solvent—removing oil and grease—and then evaporate quickly so as not to attract dirt or grit. Once dry, the active ingredients bond directly to the treated surface, providing lubrication and rust resistance. Also, because Tuf-Glide provides dry lubrication and protection, it is resistant to climatic changes that can thicken or dry-out other solutions. Tuf-Glide is available in several sizes from 0.5- to 8-ounce bottles and can include spray tops or precision, needle-like applicators.

The Tuf-Cloth provides another method for using Tuf-Glide’s formula in firearm cleaning and maintenance. The jar contains a handkerchief-size cloth square that has been saturated in Tuf-Glide solution. Because the solvent evaporates so rapidly, the cloth becomes fairly dry to the touch, but is still impregnated with the solution’s active ingredients. Surfaces can simply be wiped down with the cloth to receive the lubricant and protectant. Should results begin to wane, the Tuf-Cloth can be reactivated by adding more Tuf-Glide. Price: Tuf-Glide, $12 for 4-oz. bottle, other sizes available; Tuf-Cloth, $9.


Contact: Sentry Solutions; (800) 546-8049; www.sentrysolutions.com.

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