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LaserMax Laser for S&W Shield

LaserMax Laser for S&W Shield


LaserMax is known for innovative designs that allow laser sights to be mounted on handguns—independent of accessory rails—by integrating the laser into guide rods and utilizing trigger guards as attachment points. The latter approach was used to produce a new sight in the company’s CenterFire line, designed especially for the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.

Though the laser sight requires user installation, the process is easy: Basically, the included 3-volt lithium battery is inserted into the right housing unit, the unit is then clipped onto the right side of the Shield’s trigger guard, the left housing piece is snapped into place opposite the right, and the whole unit is secured with two Phillips-head screws.

Activation is by way of an ambidextrous button, essentially a polymer dowel that when centered is in the “Off” position and when pushed right or left completes the circuit to power the unit. Once activated, the red laser operates in a constant-on mode. The sight is adjustable for windage and elevation using the included 0.05-inch hex wrench.

Manipulation feels natural with the trigger finger easily extending to reach the activation button. Additionally, the stippling on the front and rear of the housing unit mimics the iconic M&P pattern, giving the gun and laser a cohesive look, as well as providing a little bit of additional purchase during use. Price: $129.

Contact: LaserMax, Inc.; (800) 527-3703; www.lasermax.com.

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