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Special Section: Covering the Basics of Shooting

Special Section: Covering the Basics of Shooting

Many readers are well-versed in advanced handgun topics such as reloading, ballistics data, point-shooting for self-defense or hitting long-range targets. But even seasoned shooters can use a refresher class on the basics of gun ownership and marksmanship. So whether you’re new to shooting or are the mentor to a future marksman, refer to this special section on the Covering the Basics, which includes:

Handgun Shooting StanceChoosing a Handgun Shooting Stance: Modified Weaver and Isoceles aren't the latest holster companies to hit the market, they're the two most important fundamental shooting stances every handgun shooter should learn. Using an interactive photo gallery, Associate Online Shooting Editor and NRA-Certified Pistol Instructor Paul Rackley takes you through the basics of each and helps you choose the stance that may save your life.

Handgun Buying GuideHandgun Buying Guide: Having put it considerable time in front of and behind the gun counter, contributor B. Gil Hormanis uniquely qualified to give first-time and veteran handgun buyers advice on handgun purchasing. From how and where to find that must-have diamond in the rough to when to walk away, read the handgun buying guide to learn the smart tactics a shopper can use to get the most bang for his or her buck.

How to Clean a HandgunHow to Clean a Handgun: Cleanliness is what keeps a handgun functioning, but shooters who aren't trained to clean their handguns may not know the preventative steps to take or the proper solvents to use. Follow along with contributer B. Gil Horman as he takes a tour of how to clean a handgun.

How to Shoot the SquareHow to Shoot the Square: As riflescopes become more and more precise, Dave Campbell wants to make sure you can put that precision to good use. In learning how to "shoot the square," with just a few rounds of ammo, you can turn your un-zeroed looking glass into a highly accurate machine, eking out every possible bit of accuracy.

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