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Winchester Ladies Cup Championship 5

The Inaugural Winchester Ladies Cup Championship

As part of an effort to bolster female participation in sporting-clays competition, the inaugural Winchester Ladies Cup Championship got underway during the 2021 National Sporting Clays Association Championship Tour.

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Gotw Ruger 10 22 Davidsons Exclusive

Gun Of The Week: Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger 10/22 Takedown Magpul FDE Backpacker

Six different configurations of the 10/22 Takedown are available through Davidson’s Gallery of Guns, and the FDE-finished model stands out among them. Watch this week's video to learn more.

I Have This Old Gun: Burnside Carbine

In the American Civil War, there was an incredible variety of small arms used, particularly within cavalry units. One of the most popular cavalry carbines used throughout the war was the Burnside carbine.

Gun Of The Week: TriStar Arms Viper G2 Pro

All of TriStar’s Viper G2 shotguns are gas-operated designs with an aluminum receiver and bolt that locks into a barrel extension, but the PRO line adds creature comforts to improve upon the end user’s experience.

Rifleman Review: Taurus GX4 T.O.R.O.

At the end of 2021, Taurus USA introduced the Taurus Optics Ready Option (T.O.R.O.) version of its GX4 micro-compact handgun, giving handgunners the opportunity to easily add a red-dot optic to the pistol.

2024 Great American Outdoor Show Sees Record Attendance

The National Rifle Association's 2024 Great American Outdoor Show (GAOS), the largest outdoor expo in the world, saw record attendance over its nine-day run, beating the attendance of the 2023 show by thousands.

Gun Of The Week: Heritage Rough Rider Rancher Carbine

The Heritage Rough Rider Rancher Carbine is a fun, little rimfire rifle that takes the company’s classic cowboy revolver concept into the world of long guns.

I Have This Old Gun: M30 Luftwaffe Drilling

The German Luftwaffe adopted the J.P Sauer M30 drilling as an air crew survival arm, and it remains as one of the finest military arms ever issued in any capacity.

NRA Gun Of The Week: Stoeger STR-9SC

Just like all the other STR-9s, STR-40s and now STR-45s, the STR-9SC is modeled after the Gen3 Glock design. When building an affordably priced pistol, why reinvent the wheel, right? Watch our video to learn more.

In The Studio With Real Avid's Master Gun Vise

While the Master Gun Vise has been available since 2022, American Rifleman staff have had extensive use of the system, we got a chance to converse with Real Avid in the studio to get a few more details.

New For 2024: Savage Arms 110 Ultralite Elite

New for 2024, Savage is introducing the 110 Ultralite Elite, a lightweight and compact rifle for the wilderness hunter.

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