Video—ARTV: TriStar Setter S/T Shotgun Review

posted on August 2, 2018
TriStar's Setter S/T Shotgun is a classic over-under with features that are borrowed from some other popular sporting guns on the market. TriStar Arms calls itself “the Value Experts,” and this shotgun backs that claim. This version is the 12-ga. with 3" chambers but is also available in 20-ga., 28-ga., and .410-ga. The 28" barrels come with five Beretta Mobilchoke-style screw-in chokes. The gold-plated trigger is mechanical, meaning its not dependent on the recoil of the first shot to set the sear for the second shot. The boxlock action pivots the barrels on Italian-style trunnions and lockup is by means of a Purdey-style sliding underbolt as used by Browning and Blaser; it’s solid and self-adjusting so the action stays tight over years of use. Overall, the Setter S/T combines a lot of popular and proven over-under characteristics, making it a very versatile and entry-level over-under.

Check out this 
“Rifleman Review” video from a recent episode of American Rifleman TV, in which Joe Kurtenbach heads to the range with the TriStar Setter S/T shotgun.

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