Torqueing-It May Not Be What You Think!

posted on March 10, 2014
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When it comes to tightening base or ring screws on your handgun’s scope mounts or the action screws on your rifle, you can save yourself a major headache and an expensive trip to the gunsmith by always thinking in terms of inch-pounds rather than foot-pounds. Most gun fasteners are rather small and fine-threaded-with No. 8, and even No. 6, screws being common on older sporting firearms’ sights and scope bases. Torque values in the neighborhood of 15 in.-lbs. for such screws and in the area of 50 in.-lbs. for larger fasteners such as action screws are reasonable, round figures to keep in mind. Optic and firearm manufacturers may have specific recommendations, so check with them when in doubt. Note again that those were figures in inch-pounds! If you were thinking about using the same torque wrench that you use to snug up your car wheels … STOP! Now, either get to a well-stocked hardware store or go online to order an appropriate torque wrench calibrated in inch-pounds and then, and only then, resume your work.


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