The G43X: Glock's Expanded-Capacity CCW Pistol

posted on August 28, 2021
left side black pistol glock metal plastic handgun

Glock introduced its G43 in 2015—part of its Slimline Series—and it didn’t take long for the single-stack subcompact 9 mm to gain favor among enthusiasts. It measures only 1.06" in width, 6.26" long and 4.25" in height. The latter figure, however, is a byproduct of the fact that its magazine holds only six cartridges. A few loyalists to the brand voiced skepticism about the modest capacity.

Four years later, the company rolled out a bigger brother, the G43X. Its magazine holds ten 9 mm rounds, yet the company somehow managed to squeeze its legendary performance into a 6.5"x1.1"x5.4", 18.7-oz. (unloaded) package. The G43X, also a member of the firm’s Slimline Series, comes with a 3.41", match-grade Glock Marksman Barrel. The magazine catch is reversible and the handgun’s polymer frame features a built-in beavertail with generous texturing around the grip to maintain control, even with gloved hands. The lack of finger grooves makes the setup a comfortable one for shooters whose hands often don’t match cookie-cutter profiles.

Its black oxide-treated slide measures only 0.87" in width, but precision milled serrations fore and aft prevent that slim diameter from presenting challenges when racking. The pistol uses Glock’s reliable Safe Action system, which means there’s no external safety to operate. Sights are a white outlined U-notch at the rear with a white dot up front.

Don’t be surprised if you run across a wide variety of colors and patterns in the G43X, each apparently different distributor exclusives. Glock’s website shows only black as an option. Prices vary widely by tone, but as this was written, there were stock versions on sale for slightly below $500. You can, however, expect to pay more. The company’s newest model is the G43X MOS. It comes with the same fine features, but its slide comes from the factory pre-milled for mounting aftermarket red-dot sights.


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