Glock G43: One of 2019's Top Sellers

posted on August 1, 2020

Glock introduced its smallest 9 mm pistol roughly five years ago, the G43, and the single stack has proven to be a popular choice for self-defense and concealed carry. Magazine capacity is six, and with it filled the gun weighs only 20.64 ozs.—depending on load.

American Rifleman reviewed one of the earliest to be released and concluded, “that the G43 rang all of the reliability and ease-of-use bells that keep us going back to the company for more.”

Barrel length is 3.41" and overall length of the handgun is 6.26". Aggressive grip texturing ensures solid purchase, even with sweaty palms or in poor weather. The slide is made from forged steel, the barrel is steel and the frame black polymer—although a few new versions are flat dark earth, and a rare few produced in gray and battlefield green. In keeping with its mission as a carry pistol there is no accessory rail.

The double-action-only earned No. 4 honors in’s annual sales volume for semi-auto pistols among its retailers in 2019. That’s up from 6th place in 2018 and it didn’t make the top-10 in 2017.

Last year the company introduced a Silver Slimline series of the G43 with a 10-round magazine capacity sporting a matte-silver nPVD slide. Size was slightly larger to enhance grip. As of January 2019, Glock had already sold more than one million of the original versions.

Silver Slimlines are no longer listed on the Glock website, although Glock has a new and nearly identical G43X Black in a “slim” configuration. Interestingly, it’s 1.1 inches wide versus the 1.06 measurement of the original. Magazine capacity is still the generous 10 rounds and, weight comes in at 23.07 ounces, again fully loaded. Overall length is 6.5 inches.

Glock’s website doesn’t list an official MRSP for the pistol, but you can find one for a little less than $500 if you shop around.


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