Rossi Tuffy: A Budget-Friendly Single-Shot in .410 Bore

posted on November 21, 2020

Rossi’s single-shot was a popular choice last year among enthusiasts looking for a reliable and budget-friendly shotgun. There is no shortage of used versions available, in a variety of discontinued configurations, but the model the company continues to offer today—the Tuffy—has the looks and reliable function that make them a particularly attractive option.

There are five, factory-fresh Tuffy models available today. The lineup is chambered exclusively for .410-Bore shotshells, and each comes with the company’s redesigned synthetic thumbhole/pistol grip stock.

The break-action guns feature a transfer-bar safety, short length-of-pull ideal for smaller-framed shooters and a recoil pad generous enough to convince even timid newcomers to get behind the trigger. Four models wear 18.5" barrels. Their overall length comes in at a nimble 31" and they weigh 47.2 ozs. A bead up front provides sighting and the stocks, which are available in tan, black, gray and olive-drab green, have sidesaddles to carry extra shotshells.

The fifth and final model in the Tuffy line is called the Turkey, a version made for hunting that comes with a 26" cylinder-bore barrel and an extra full choke tube for use when it’s time to get after those gobblers. Overall length increases to 41" and it tips the scales at 64 ozs. The gun also ships with a receiver-mounted rail for mounting optics. MSRP for this model comes in at $210.60. The other versions have an MSRP of $175.88.

Don’t be surprised if you find used 12- and 20-gauge Rossi single shots for sale as well. They were made for years and wear synthetic stocks with more traditional lines. The simplicity of operation and long-term reliability throughout Rossi’s offerings undoubtedly contributed to it this gun being the sixth-most-popular single-shot shotgun among retailers on last year.



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