Product Preview: Bravo Concealment BCA Holster

posted on February 25, 2016

The Bravo Concealment Adaptive (BCA) holster is aptly named given its high-and-tight carry design and its easy conversion to an IWB or MOLLE-mounted platform. The BCA’s winged design and 1.5" belt loops (1.75" available) work in tandem to hold the holster snug to the body and cinch it to the belt so it does not shift during carry. Easier to conceal than holsters that bulge or peek below a hemline, the BCA utilizes a 10-degree cant to facilitate drawing and reholstering the firearm. The BCA is constructed from two sheets of 0.080" Kydex, molded for a precise fit, secured with grommets and then contoured and polished for comfort and aesthetics. Soft loops or clips for IWB carry, or a MOLLE attachment kit—sold separately—are easily installed in place of the polymer belt loops. Bravo Concealment offers the BCA for a vast array of semi-automatic pistols, and models are available that are compatible with lights, lasers, threaded barrels or any combination thereof. Price: $70 (standard); $75 (light-bearing). Contact Bravo Concealment (956) 783-7682;


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DRD Tactical MFP 21

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