Preview: Woox Forte Axe

posted on November 29, 2020
Expanding its lineup of outdoor gear in 2020, Woox announced the launch of its Forte axe, which combines classic styles from both American and Italian axe designs with modern materials for a do-it-all outdoor tool designed to handle hard work.

It isn't just the designs from Italy and America incorporated into the Woox Forte axe. The unit itself is actually made in both locations, with components coming from Italy and the company's facility in Hickory, N.C. The axe head is produced from tempered 1060 carbon steel, which is hammered into shape and hand-finished.

Paired with the axe head is a handle made from genuine American hickory wood, which ensures its strength and durability. The axe features an anti-slip coating that promotes a solid grip in all weather conditions, a necessary feature for a tool meant for use outdoors.

Altogether, the Woox Forte axe measures just 22" long and weighs only 3 lbs., which means that it'll fit easily into your outdoor pack, and it won't add too much weight for the utility it provides. Even with all the advancements found in today's outdoor gear, the trusty, compact axe still plays a vital role in any outdoor adventure. This option preserves the classic look and feel of traditional axes while still enhancing your kit's capabilities.

The Woox Forte axe retails for $169. For more information on this product and other outdoor gear, visit


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