Preview: Surelock Combat Cabinet 8-Gun

posted on December 20, 2022
Surelock Combat Cabinet 8-Gun

Large, colossally heavy gun safes definitely have their place, but so too do smaller cabinets that deny opportunistic thieves immediate access to your firearms but don’t cost an arm and a leg or require heavy equipment in order to move them.

Surelock’s Combat Cabinet 8-Gun is a great example; its 19-ga. steel door and 21-ga. steel walls secure up to eight long guns from unauthorized access, yet the entire 55"x21"x10" cabinet weighs just 56 lbs. empty.

The Combat 8-Gun features a three-point locking system, eight barrel rests and a fixed shelf for the storage of a handgun or sundry shooting items, and it is pre-drilled for permanent installation—although the unit’s thinness does limit its utility with scoped rifles.

The Surelock Cabinet comes either as a do-it-yourself assembly kit ($240) or a preassembled unit ($300). For more information, please visit


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