Preview: Strikehold Force5 Gun Lube

posted on August 16, 2020
Initially developed for use by the U.S. military, Strikehold Force5 is a cleaner/lubricant/protectant (CLP) that goes on wet to break up fouling and rust from your firearm’s metal components, and then leaves behind a corrosion-resistant film as it dries.

Designed for use on all metals, the compound’s lubricating qualities greatly reduce the friction caused by metal-to-metal contact, without building up and attracting dirt, dust and other debris like some similar products.

Strikehold will not damage rubber parts, wood finishes or most plastics. The lubricant is designed to remove rust, lead, copper and carbon build-up, and the lube can be sprayed onto a firearm's surface repeatedly without contributing to a gummy accumulation like other lubricants.

Force5 relies on capillary action to spread to hard-to-reach corners of your firearm's receiver, and the chemicals used are non-flammable. The cleaner contains no CFCs and is propelled by C02. It is available in a 12-oz. aerosol can (shown) and in 8- or 16-oz. spray bottles. The suggested retail price starts at $12.95. For more information, visit


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