Preview: N8 Tactical Magna-Clip Magazine Carrier

posted on October 15, 2023
N8 Tactical Magna-Clip Magazine Carrier

For many folks, the idea of adding a spare magazine to their EDC setups is a non-starter, because of the added bulk and possible discomfort of a magazine carrier. N8 Tactical has developed an easy, low-profile solution that allows for comfortable pocket carry of a spare magazine without added bulk.

The Magna-Clip uses a set of powerful magnets that secures the side and back of a metal-bodied magazine. The strong spring clip keeps the carrier in the pocket, while the magnetic retainer secures and properly orients a spare magazine for fast deployment from a pocket.

The magnetic pull is strong enough to retain magazines with overmolded plastic exteriors, such as factory Glock options, and is versatile enough to work with nearly any metal-bodied handgun magazine.

MSRP is $30. For more information, visit


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