Preview: Hogue Walnut Burl Grips

posted on May 18, 2021

Hogue recently added Walnut Burl options to its Exotic Hardwood line of replacement handgun stocks, offering numerous SKUs to precisely fit many of the most popular semi-automatic pistol and revolver models on the market—including the Browning Hi-Power set shown.

As the grain of no two trees is identical, each set of the medium-brown figured stocks will feature a unique assortment of swirls and spiral patterns to help instantly dress-up the host gun. All current Walnut Burl stocks have smooth, uncheckered textures with hand-buffed carnauba wax finishes. The various revolver versions feature frontstrap finger grooves, while the semi-automatics do not.

In addition to the company's new Walnut Burl stocks, Hogue also features many other hardwoods in its lineup, including cocobolo, rosewood, kingwood, pau ferro and goncalo. Each of these hardwood stock sets are available with either smooth or checkered finishes. In addition to the Browning Hi-Power, these grips are available for many popular models of Smith & Wesson, SIG Sauer, Taurus, CZ USA and Ruger, as well as for the Beretta 92 and standard 1911s.

Suggested retail pricing on Hogue's Walnut Burl grips is $50. For more information, visit


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Langdon Tactical Partners with Heckler & Koch

Langdon Tactical Partners With Heckler & Koch

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