Packin' With Pride: Patriotic Pistols

posted on July 4, 2019

Designed for more than Independence Day commemorations, these patriotic-themed pistols let firearm enthusiasts express their love of country at the range year round.

SIG Sauer 1911 Stand
SIG Sauer is donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of its "1911 Stand" model to H.A.V.A. (Honored American Veterans Afield), which works with wounded veterans and active-duty military, and C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors), which helps support the families of fallen law enforcement officers. Outfitted with low profile SIGLite night sights and custom medallion grips, the pistol features SIG's durable Nitron finish, as well as a hand-fitted stainless-steel frame and slide. The frame features 25 line-per-inch checkering on the frontstrap. For more, visit

Bond Arms Old Glory
The Bond Arms Old Glory shows its pride in its American flag-Cerakoted 3.5" barrel 45/410 barrel and frame. The Old Glory accepts all of Bond Arms’ standard interchangeable barrels and comes equipped with custom extended black ash grips. Features include an automatic spent casing extractor; patented rebounding hammer, retracting firing pins. cross-bolt safety; and spring-loaded, cammed locking lever. MSRP is $697. For more, visit

SIG Sauer P238 We The People
SIG Sauer’s popular P238 1911-style .380 ACP offers a tribute to the Second Amendment, featuring custom aluminum grips adorned with 50 stars (25 per side) that represent each state in the union. A distressed finish on the stainless-steel slide includes patriotic engravings, such as 13 stars atop the slide and “WE THE PEOPLE” on the slide flats. Overall length is 5.5”; height is 3.9”; weight is 15.2 ozs.

The American Patriot 1911
The American Patriot 1911, built on a custom Kimber platform and engraved by Altamont, features deep relief engraving. An eagle soars across a background of stripes, while 13 full stars representing the 13 Colonies are engraved on each side of the slide housing. Fifty full stars representing the 50 states are engraved on the slide and frame. Walnut grips with engraved screws are inlaid with engraved rosewood panels. Each pistol has a custom “ALT” serial number. The pistol is limited to a run of 300. MSRP: $2,940. For more, visit

Davidson's Gallery of Guns Special Edition Glock 45
Davidson's Gallery of Guns is offering a special edition of the 9 mm Glock 45 pistol, featuring a U.S. flag motif on the slide. Finish is black with silver nDLC flag. Sights are white dot in front and white outline in the rear. MSRP on this limited run model is $699. For more, visit

Spirit of American Freedom Tribute Pistol
From America Remembers, the “Spirit of American Freedom” tribute pistol is issued on the classic, working, officially licensed Colt .45 stainless steel pistol.

The left side of the slide features the Statue of Liberty. “The Lady with the Lamp” has stood as a symbol of our national freedom for over a century. Behind her flies the red and white stripes of the American flag. To the left, a banner flies across the stars of the American flag reading: Spirit of American Freedom.

The right side of the slide features the words "Freedom Forever" over the red and white stripes of the American flag. In the center is the Declaration of Independence. To the right of that, the majestic American bald eagle is featured with a powerful countenance and proud gaze.

Both sides of the Tribute feature the official Colt logo at the breech end of the slide, and also the Rampant Colt inset into the custom rosewood grips. For more, visit


Several manufacturers are now offering handguns with state-specific motifs. (If you know of more, please comment below).

Kimber Stainless II (Texas Edition)
This Kimber Stainless II features Western leaf scroll engraving with sawtooth border on the slide, bonded ivory grips with the 1835 “Come and Take It” motto on the left panel, and the Texas state flag insert on the right panel. The pistol is limited to a run of 500. MSRP $1,633. For more, visit


Bond Arms Texan
Bond Arms’ biggest pistol, “The Texan,” is chambered to handle up to 3” .410 shot shells and .45 Colt. It features an extended rosewood grip with an outline of the state of Texas with a star as well as snakes criss-crossing at the bottom. MSRP: $700

Ruger Flag Series
Ruger recently announced its new Flag Series of firearms, made up primarily of the PC Carbine, AR-556 pistol and Ruger Precision Rimfire, but also includes two state-specific SR22 .22-cal. pistols. Shown here are the pistols with the colors of North Carolina and Arizona, respectively. MSRP: $449. For more, visit


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