NRA Gun of the Week: IWI US Masada

posted on May 1, 2020
IWI US is supplying the U.S. firearm market with a next-generation, striker-fired combat pistol, the Masada. Weighing in at 22 ozs. empty, this single-action pistol combines modern features with capacity to provide consumers with a dedicated defensive tool.
Left-side view of IWI Masada pistol with text callout for make and model.

Built for the rigors of the battlefield and harsh use, IWI went with a rugged, ergonomic frame design and chambered its Masada for 9 mm Luger. Max capacity is for 17 rounds and the pistol measures 7.5” by 5.6”.
Masada pistol in shooter's hand while being loaded with a magazine.

A set of combat sights dovetail to the pistol’s slide with an arrangement of two white dots at the rear and white dot on post front. Upping the ante on the Masada is a milled section forward of the rear sight to accommodate pistol optics. IWI includes optic adapters for Leupold, SIG Sauer, Trijicon and Vortex.
Combat-style rear sight on top of Masada pistol on white background.

Ergonomic elements on the Masada platform gives its user a custom grip by way of three separately-sized (S, M and L) grip modules that wrap around the frame. Textured panels, grip and frame contour as well as a low-mounted barrel combine to create a pistol that is controllable and soft-shooting.
Optic attached to IWI Masada pistol.

Whether shooting with the strong or weak hand, the Masada's controls are bilateral and accessible. IWI added an enlarged and serrated trigger guard that sweeps upward as it mates with the frame. The gun's trigger assembly is removable for maintenance and features a passive safety mechanism housed centrally within the trigger's shoe. Cocking serrations at the front and rear come standard and feature an expanded, wide-cut pattern for solid purchase with gloved hands. A loaded-chamber indicator is also included.
Three grip sections for IWI Masada pistol.

Watch our NRA Gun of the Week video above to learn more about IWI’s Masada 9 mm pistol.

IWI Masada Specifications
Manufacturer: Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) LTD.
Importer: IWI US
Model: Masada
Action Type: recoil-operated, semi-automatic, center-fire pistol
Chambering: 9 mm Luger
Barrel: 4.1” steel; cold-hammer-forged polygonal rifling
Slide: steel
Frame: fiberglass reinforced polymer
Trigger: striker-fired, XX-lb. XX-oz. pull
Sights: fixed, three-white-dot; optic-ready
Magazine: 17-round detachable box
Height: 5.6”
Width: 1.34”
Length: 7.5”
Weight: 22 ozs. empty
MSRP: $480

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