NRA Gun of the Week: Hi-Point Firearms C9

Hi-Point Firearms is an American manufacturer of semi-automatic handguns and carbines. The company’s C9 semi-automatic pistol continues to garner popularity today due to its relatively small size and cost. Hi-Point’s C9 low price point is attributed to its simplistic and minimalist design approach.

left side handgun pistol black gun text on image noting "HI-POINT C-9"

Hi-Point’s C9 comes to you with high-impact polymer and die-cast components and uses a simple action that absorbs blowback energy from the fired cartridge to operate. The C9 includes a stationary 3.5” barrel and the powder-coated slide comes with a fixed post front sight with an adjustable rear that houses two red dots. Yellow paint fills the front sight blade for a unique sight picture that is found to be effective.

left side gun handgun pistol black metal details slide trigger frame text on image noting "NRA GUN OF THE WEEK"

The polymer stocks on the frame are smooth but have finger grooves that meld with the molded grooves within the frame's frontstrap. Our testing on the range found these ergonomic additions do a good job at providing additional control of the soft-shooting C9 pistol.

pistol in hands shooting black metal

Our testers found the weight of the C9’s slide makes the gun front heavy, which can actually benefit the shooter by mitigating muzzle rise. For those looking for an affordable semi-automatic chambered for 9 mm Luger and capable of +P loads, the Hi-Point C9 is certainly a contender.

Watch our NRA Gun of the Week video above to see American Rifleman staff on the range with Hi-Point Firearms C9 pistol.

Hi-Point Firearms C9 Specifications
Manufacturer: Hi-Point Firearms
Action Type: blowback-operated, semi-automatic centerfire pistol
Chambering: 9 mm Luger
Slide: die-cast alloy, black powdercoat finish
Frame: black polymer
Barrel: 3.5" steel
Sights: three-dot; adjustable rear, post front,
Magazine: eight-round detachable box
Length: 6.75"
Weight: 29 ozs.
MSRP: $199



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