NRA Gun Of The Week: Henry Long Ranger Express

posted on June 3, 2022

Henry Repeating Arms broke new ground in the lever-action world with its original Long Ranger platform, transforming the iconic lever gun into a precision-rifle platform with a six-lug rotary bolt, free-floated barrel and detachable box magazine. Despite these modern design features, the general profile of the original Long Ranger still fit within the classic frame, featuring blued steel and wood furniture. The Long Ranger Express, however, takes the novel operating system and fits it within a utilitarian, field-ready platform. Watch the video above to see it on the range and in use.

Man wearing protective gear shooting lever action henry long ranger express precision rifle metal black steel wood white background

With the Henry Long Ranger Express, shooters get the accuracy and durability benefits resulting from the rotary bolt and free-floated barrel, as well as the ease of use provided by the detachable magazine. A benefit of the Long Ranger Express is its chambering in the commonly available 5.56x45 mm NATO, and the gun can also shoot .223 Rem. cartridges. With the rotating bolt locking into the barrel extension, Henry saves weight in the making of Long Ranger Express by crafting the receiver from aluminum.

There are no included iron sights on the Long Ranger Express. Topping the anodized aluminum receiver of the Express carbine, factory-mounted Picatinny rail gives users the ability to easily mount optics. Another element on the rifle that aids in handling is its barrel, measuring in at just 16” long. The barrel also contains a threaded muzzle for suppressors and other muzzle devices lending to its overall utility. The barrel, receiver, lever and other metal features are all treated with a matte-black finish.

Henry Repeating Arms Long Ranger Express left-side view lever-action rifle black steel gray wood on white


Birch-laminate furniture gives the gun further utility by enhancing stability of the barreled action's foundation and by increasing its reliability to shrug off any impact from ever-changing atmospheric conditions. At the butt end of the gun, Henry includes a generous rubber recoil pad that dampens the already mild recoil of 5.56x45 mm NATO and .223 Rem. cartridges. Sling swivels are also found at the butt and at the front of the fore-end.

At the range, the first thing we noticed was how handy the rifle was, thanks to its short barrel and relatively light weight at 7 lbs., unloaded. Recoil was light, thanks to the combination of chambering and recoil pad, and the slick, geared action helped us get right back on target. With a capacity of only five rounds, the magazine empties quickly when you’re rolling off shot after shot, but unlike other lever-action rifles, this one is fast and easy to load, and extra magazines are available from Henry for a reasonable price.

Henry Repeating Arms Long Ranger Express left-side view lever-action rifle hunting gun precision rifle black metal gray wood laminate

Manufacturer: Henry Repeating Arms
Action Type: lever-action repeating rifle
Chambering: 5.56x45 mm NATO
Receiver: anodized black aluminum
Barrel: 16.5" steel
Magazine: five-round detachable box
Sights: none; Picatinny rail included
Stock:gray wood laminate
Length: 37"
Weight: 7 lbs.
MSRP: $1,235


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