NRA Gun of the Week: Girsan Regard Gen 4

posted on July 17, 2020
European Armory Corp (EAA Corp) has imported the Girsan Regard Gen 4, a Turkish-built semi-automatic pistol chambered for 9 mm. The Florida-based EAA Corp. is importer to many well-regarded firearm designs the world has to offer, including the famed CZ-75 of the Czech Republic.

The U.S. importer’s line of Girsan pistols extends beyond those built from the blueprints of Beretta's Model 92 clone, like the company's Regard Gen 4 pistol discussed here. The company also brings to the U.S. striker-fired designs along with Browning-inspired M1911 iterations.

EAA Corp. doesn't limit sales to pistols; the company supplies shotguns to Americans designed for myriad tasks, from clay target shooting to hunting and personal defense, all while keeping its consumer's budget in mind.

Right-side view of EAA Girsan Regard Gen 4 pistol on white background with text on image stating make and model.

Even though it's manufactured in Turkey, Girsan’s Regard Gen 4 has its roots in Italian design. The double-action, single-action pistol is a copy of Beretta’s Model 92, with a few changes. Most noticeable are the gun’s G10 stocks.

A machined vertical cutout in the stocks provides the user with a view of the ammunition stored within the magazine. The G10 material is sculpted to provide solid adhesion to the shooter’s hands. A contoured forged-aluminum front strap helps with additional control of the 9 mm Luger-chambered pistol.

Close-up view of pistol safety and hammer.

The Girsan Regard Gen 4 weighs in at just over 34 ozs. and measures 8.6” long and 5.5” tall, which puts this duty-sized sidearm within the category of full-size pistol. Barrel length measures 4.9". Front and rear serrations adorn the steel slide that is topped drift-adjustable three-dot sights. Magazines provide up to 18 rounds stored within, which adds considerably to the factory-stated 34-oz. weight.

Close-up view of pistol's magazine release and trigger shown on white background.

Our testers found the Girsan Regard Gen 4 to provide an enjoyable experience on the range. The aggressive stock panels may be a hindrance to some, so gloves will aid extended range sessions. EAA Corp. does offer MC Regard threaded barrels through its parts store, so those looking to suppress the Gen 4 Regard will have to upgrade.

Man with beard and ballcap shooting a pistol.

To learn more about the EAA Corp. Girsan Regard Gen 4 pistol, watch our NRA Gun of the Week video above. Check us out on social media (FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM & TWITTER) for additional coverage, including behind-the-scenes footage of our range experiences.

Girsan Regard Gen 4 Specifications
Manufacturer: GiRSAN
Importer: European American Armory Corp.
Action Type: double-action, semi-automatic, center-fire pistol
Chambering: 9 mm Luger
Receiver: aluminum alloy
Slide: steel
Barrel: 4.9”
Trigger: double-action, single-action
Sights: drift-adjustable three-dot
Magazine: 18-round detachable box
Height: 5.5”
Length: 8.6”
Width: 1.375”
Weight: 2.15 lbs.
MSRP: $510

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