New NovX Ammo Now Shipping

posted on October 26, 2017

NovX is now shipping its new 9 mm ARX Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense and 9 mm RNP Crosstrainer rounds. The new stainless steel/copper polymer cartridge in 9 mm Luger +P and standard pressure, developed by Timberghost Tactical, was introduced in September to great industry fanfare as the company touted the many properties that make this new catridge so different from standard lead and brass ammo.  

For home defense and carry purposes, the NovX 9 mm ARX Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense cartridge, combines the properties of a polymer/copper patented ARX bullet with the Shell Shock Technologies (SST) stainless steel casing and aluminum primer base, operating on the principle of aero and fluid dynamics as opposed to hydrostatic shock. Bullet specifications show its +P loads produce more ft/lbs of energy than a standard .45 ACP 230 gr. at 875 fps. 

The training load, the 9 mm RNP CrossTrainer, offers nearly identical weights and velocities found in the self-defense round, the main difference being the RNP (Round Nose Precision) bullet used in lieu of the ARX profile. 

The new cartridges, in addition to being lighter weight and resulting in higher velocities over standard ammo, feature a self-lubricating and corrosion resistant stainless casing. The lack of lead fouling should cycle faster and more reliably, in addition to burning cleaner. The new bullet technology causes it to behave like a frangible round, mitigating ricochet when firing into impenetrable surfaces or steel reactive targets at the range.

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