New For 2024: KelTec KSG410

posted on January 27, 2024

KelTec announced its KSG410 in 2023, but the company is now shipping this capacity-rich, easy-to-shoot shotgun, which comes with dual magazine tubes and is built with a compact, bullpup configuration that provides easy handling.

Despite having two side-by-side magazine tubes, the KSG410 measures just 1.7" wide and weighs in at 5.4 lbs., unloaded. Overall length measures just over 26". Despite its diminutive size and weight, the KSG410 is comfortable to shoot, thanks to the .410 bore chambering. Each magazine tube holds five rounds of 3" .410 bore shotshells, providing a total capacity of 11 shotshells with a round in the chamber.

Watch our "New For 2024" video above to see the KelTec KSG410 in action.


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