New For 2024: Burris Optics Eliminator 6 4-20X 52 mm Riflescope

posted on January 24, 2024

Burris Optics built on its Eliminator line of rangefinding riflescopes with its latest model in 2024, the Eliminator 6. The new riflescope gives shooters and hunters ranging capabilities built into the optic that can zero in on a reflective target out to 2,000 yards.

Each Burris Eliminator 6 includes a head-up display within the scope's viewing window that offers ranging, ballistic and rifle data without ever having to remove an eye from the sight picture. The system makes use of the BurrisConnect app, which allows owners to upload custom ballistic profiles, as well as modify features built into the optic itself. The app also allows owners to use the included Bluetooth-enabled remote. The built-in X177 reticle is so-named because it makes use of 177 small LEDs that combine to provide a shooting solution with up to 1/6 m.o.a. accuracy, the company claims.

A built-in "smart focal plane reticle" maintains its size throughout the magnification range of the optic, like a traditional second focal plane reticle, and the illuminated aiming point changes in size at higher magnification, ensuring a pinpoint aiming spot, even at the highest magnification level. Watch our "New For 2024" video above for more details on the new Burris Eliminator 6.


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