New For 2023: CVA Crossfire

posted on September 30, 2023
CVA Crossfire 01
Images courtesy of BPI Outdoors.

“Modern” muzzleloaders continue to evolve to extract the most performance out of a firearm whose limitation is that its bullet must be loaded by inserting it into the muzzle and pushing it down the bore. The latest example of this amalgamation of high-tech and primitive is the new-for-2023 CVA Crossfire from BPI Outdoors. The Crossfire uses Federal FireStick technology to make muzzleloader hunting a safer and more efficient process.

Cut away rendering of a Federal FireStick cartridge inserted into the CVA Crossfire barrel.The Crossfire uses Federal FireStick technology, which is designed around a polymer capsule containing the powder charge that is inserted in the breech end of the barrel.

The FireStick ignition system, introduced by Federal in 2020, utilizes a bullet loaded from the muzzle, but the powder charge is inserted into the breech. The system centers around a polymer capsule that comes from the factory loaded with a pre-measured charge of Hodgdon Triple Eight blackpowder substitute. The projectile is inserted into the muzzle and rammed down the barrel, where it seats against a shelf. The action is then opened and the FireStick capsule inserted into the breech. A 209-type primer is inserted into the capsule, and the action is closed and ready to fire. To reload, the spent capsule is removed. Capsules are single-use. FireStick capsules are available with powder charges of 80, 100 or 120 grains. They are sold in a pack of 10 with an MSRP of $35.

Three different variants of Federal's FireStick capsule.Crossfire capsules are available with 80-, 100- or 120-grain charges.

Advantages of the FireStick system include consistent loading, sealing the powder charge from the elements and the ability quickly and safely unload the muzzleloader. Due to the fact that their charge loads into the rear of the breech, firearms that use the FireStick system are considered “modern” for legal purposes and must be purchased in accordance with regulations for modern, cartridge-firing firearms. Currently, FireStick technology is legal to use for hunting during muzzleloader-only seasons in 26 states, with several more pending. To check the legality of a FireStick rifle for muzzleloading hunting in your state, visit Federal’s FireStick webpage.

A camouflage version of the CVA Crossfire.In addition to stainless-steel metal and a black synthetic stock, the CVA Crossfire is available with a Cerakote and camouflage finish.

Originally introduced with the Traditions NitroFire rifle, the CVA Crossfire is the second rifle to enter the market that utilizes FireStick technology. Crossfire rifles use CVA’s break-open action, as utilized by the company's Accura and Optima lines of muzzleloaders. The Crossfire’s .50-cal. barrel is 26" long and has a 1:28" twist rate. All Crossfire models have CVA’s integral scope mounting (ISM) system, which means they come with a DuraSight integral scope base. The rifles come drilled and tapped for iron sights. Stocks are designed to fit both right- and left-handed shooters. The rifle weighs 8 lbs.

The Crossfire is available with two finish options. The model with stainless-steel metal and black synthetic furniture has a MSRP of $450. With a Patriot Brown Cerakote metal finish, Nitride bore and Realtree Escape camo-finished synthetic furniture, the MSRP is $575. Crossfire rifles will also be offered as a package that comes with a Konus KONUSPRO 3-9X 40 mm BDC reticle scope installed and a soft case. For more information, visit


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