New for 2020: FN 503

posted on March 17, 2020
One of the most active marketplaces in the firearm world is that of concealed-carry guns, which shows few signs of slowing down, as more Americans get their concealed-carry permits and seek out training for personal defense. To cater to this growing market of armed citizens, FN America introduced its all-new FN 503, a single-stack, 9 mm concealed-carry gun that takes inspiration from the company's FN 509 line of polymer-frame handguns.
Right side of the FN America FN 503 shown on white.

Each FN 503 is built with a short, 3.1" barrel complete with a 1:10" RH twist rate and a recessed target crown that aids in accuracy. The gun is outfitted with a compact, polymer frame complete with an aggressive textured finish that's reminiscent of skateboard tape. This treatment ensures that the compact gun anchors itself securely in a shooter's hand, allowing them to maintain firm control of the firearm through rapid strings of fire.

One of the selling points of the FN 503 is its all-metal trigger, which is designed to provide consumers with one of the best striker-fired trigger designs available today. The trigger features a crisp, clean break that averages about 5 lbs., putting the trigger-pull weight in the same class as many of today's popular self-defense guns. The pistol also ships with low-profile iron sights like those included on the larger FN 509.
FN America FN 503 shown at an angle on white, detailing the muzzle crown of the 3.1-inch barrel.

The FN 503 measures 5.9" long, 4.6" high and 1.1" wide at the frame. Unloaded, the gun weighs 21 ozs. Two magazines are included with each FN 503, with the six-round, flush-fit magazine featuring a pinky extension that allows shooters to obtain a full firing grip. An extended, eight-round magazine complete with grip sleeve is also included with the gun. The FN 503 ships in the company's standard, soft-sided case, and the suggested retail price on the pistol is $549. For more information, visit



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