New for 2020: Cimarron Firearms Plinkerton

posted on May 24, 2020
Cimarron Firearms expanded its collection of classic single-action revolvers to include a returning model that features the classic styling of Old West sixguns in an affordable, easy-to-shoot format. The Cimarron Plinkerton provides rimfire-revolver fans and first-time shooters with a gun that can be used in a variety of roles, and it's priced affordably, too.

The Plinkerton is no stranger to the Cimarron Firearms lineup. In 2008, the company rolled this rimfire revolver out for Cowboy Action shooters looking for an ideal training tool, as well as Old-West enthusiasts looking for an enjoyable range toy. Now that new shooters are entering the marketplace and seeking out affordable, entry-level guns for training, the Plinkerton is once again available.

Each Cimarron Plinkerton revolver is built with steel-lined chambers and an overall profile that mimics the look and feel of a traditional Colt Single Action Army. The revolver features a 4.75" barrel, a single-action operating system and a matte-black finish.

One of the key features found in the Plinkerton is the addition of a key-actuated hammer-block safety. When the key slot is turned 90 degrees, it prevents the hammer from striking the firing pin, so owners can store and secure their gun in an inoperative mode for an added level of safety.

Unlike several other budget-priced rimfire revolvers on the market, the Cimarron Plinkerton comes equipped with durable checkered grips molded from polymer. Inset into the center of the gun's traditional-style grip is the Cimarron rider on a medallion, which harkens back to the traditional Colt-style medallions found on early SAA revolvers. The grip ensures that shooters can maintain a solid firing hold on the gun, even with sweaty, oily hands.

The potential uses of the Cimarron Plinkerton go beyond range fun and training use, though. The revolver can be used as an affordable varmint-control tool in rural settings, and Cimarron offers an affordable leather holster purpose-built to fit the Plinkerton. This allows for easy carry in a rig reminiscent of Old West-style holsters.

The Cimarron Firearms Plinkerton retails at an MSRP of $180.70. The optional Slim Jim leather holster can be purchased for an extra $50.75. For more information on the Plinkerton, visit


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