Justification for Existence: The .41 Rem. Mag.

posted on April 22, 2014
Remington ammunition box green white packaging .41 Magnum cartridges

Introduced in 1964, the .41 Rem. Mag. effectively splits the difference in the external ballistics of the .357 Mag. and the .44 Rem. Mag.; as such, the cartridge fulfills an obvious power-level niche. That being said, its growth among law enforcement agencies never fully materialized, and, to this day, big-game hunters oftentimes opt for the more potent .44 Rem. Mag. Revolver size, cylinder capacity, and manageability generally favor the smaller .357 Mag., too. Given the cartridge’s forebears, is there a valid reason for its existence? Is it a “jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none”-type cartridge? It’s your turn to express your opinion.


Memorial Day Sagi
Memorial Day Sagi

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