Coast Guard Foundation Awards Fallen Heroes Scholarship

posted on March 10, 2020

The Coast Guard Foundation—a non-profit organization committed to the education and wellness of Coast Guard members and their families—has awarded Tyler Ferreby a full Fallen Heroes Scholarship in honor of his father, Seaman Christopher Ferreby, who died from injuries sustained while on maritime patrol on Lake Ontario.

The fatal incident occurred during the winter of 2001, when he and three other Coast Guard members were aboard a 22-foot patrol boat near the Niagra River. A rogue wave topped the boat, all four were forced into the water and by the time a rescue team reached the scene Ferreby and BM2 Scott Chism had succumbed to their injuries. The other two were treated for hypothermia and survived.

Tyler graduated from high school in 2019 and is enrolled in a mechanical engineering degree program at Wake Technical Community College. “It’s truly and honor to support Tyler’s education,” said Susan Ludwig, Coat Guard Foundation president. “We honor his father’s service and sacrifice by providing this important support to ensure that Tyler can complete his education worry-free.”

Tyler’s mother, Amy Ferreby, remembers her husband as being “Mr. Fix It” at their apartment at Coast Guard Station Niagra, always helping others with their home repairs and general maintenance. “Chris loved serving in the Coast Guard and was very proud of serving on a couple of rescue missions,” she said. “It feels like even after all this time, he’s still taking care of us. Tyler didn’t have the opportunity to know his dad, but this scholarship is a reminder that he’s still here with us.”

The Coast Guard Foundation Fallen Heroes Scholarship Fund was established in 2005 following the death of Coast Guard member BM2 Nathan Bruckenthal. Through the fund the Coast Guard Foundation provides a 100-percent scholarship for the children of Coast Guard fallen heroes.


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