Brownells Purchases Support Wounded Veterans

posted on November 10, 2022

A portion of each purchase made on through Veteran’s Day will be donated to Special Operations Wounded Warriors (SOWW), a 501(c)3 charity committed to helping wounded veterans of the Special Operations community. The promotion—in which Brownells will track sales on the website and give 4 percent to SOWW—began Monday, November 7, and runs through Friday, November 11. As part of the event, the company is also releasing both special discount codes and gift-card offers.

“Brownells has been helping SOWW since the organization started,” said Brownells Vice President of Marketing Ryan Repp. “We’re proud to support SOWW’s mission and the men and women who have done so much under very tough circumstances for the United States.”

SOWW Special Operations Wounded Warriors logo

SOWW offers a variety of programs, including a K9 effort that matches veterans with service dogs. Its Operator Reset Week is tailored to address post-traumatic stress disorder in both active and veteran members of the special-operator community. Those who attend receive one-on-one attention from clinicians who work to develop an individual plan, using techniques that are easily incorporated into daily life and tailored to minimize or eliminate the condition. In addition, exercises in developing healthy communication skills and reducing the symptoms of trauma are included. All are focused on regaining healthy functioning in the civilian world.

Therapeutic outdoor experiences for wounded U.S. Special Operations Command veterans are also offered, as well as other types of professional therapy and assistance for veterans, their spouses and families. The organization was founded in August of 2012, and its Board of Directors accepts no salaries, allowing it to maximize its ability to directly support veterans and their families in every way.

Brownells has posted several interviews of several veterans who have benefited from SOWW’s efforts on its website. The videos can be seen on this special page.


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