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The Armed Citizen® April 30, 2021

The Armed Citizen® April 30, 2021

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A man in Pearland, Tex. defended himself and his spouse when an intruder armed with a hammer forced his way into their residence on the night of April 17, 2021.

The homeowner, a former NASA employee, and his wife had just gone to bed that Saturday night when the intruder forced his way into their home. Alerted by the sound of the forced entry, the resident grabbed his pistol and went downstairs to investigate. Once he made his way downstairs, the man encountered the armed intruder.

The intruder came at the man and attacked him with the hammer. As a struggle ensued, the residents wife came downstairs and tried to help her husband, only to receive to blows to the head from the assailant's hammer for her troubles. The resident, still trying to defend himself from the blows from the hammer, then stuck his pistol into the intruder's side and fired three rounds.

When police arrived at the scene, they found the battered couple and intruder still alive. The couple spent several days in the hospital for their injuries, with the man suffering a broken orbital bone in his face. The armed intruder faces two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a single charge for burglary. (foxnews.com, Houston, Tex., 04/28/2021)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives August 1983

While sitting on his porch, Roe Watson of Detroit was approached by a young man asking to see his son. Watson, 70, invited the caller into his home. Once inside, the man produced a gun, robbed the elderly resident of several hundred dollars and ordered him into a chair. As the 'robber talked on the phone, Watson pulled his own gun. fired and mortally wounded the invader. The prosecutor's office classified the shooting as justifiable homicide. (The News, Detroit, Mich.)

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